Vanishing Yarns is the showcase for the Archives of  Vanishing Scotland.alynejones postcardportrait 2009VSEX

Collected over 35 years the Archive is a unique collection of recordings, photographs, paintings,manuscripts, music, songbooks, personal diaries, maps and notebooks.

This material has been partly digitised and the subsequent digitisation is part of the ongoing work to enable this Archive to support interdisciplinary Projects located within the communities from which this primary source information was originally collected.

Digitising with Research Student July 2017.

In 2015, The Environmental Arts Festival Scotland showcased the work of Vanishing Scotland and it’s Director Alyne Jones as part of a Visual and Sound Installation at two locations in the Durisdeer Hills. This innovative approach highlighted the nature of the generations who lived and worked in the surrounding geographical area and the current connections still existing between the Land and it’s people.

shepherds board 1 copy
This story board was compiled for the Vanishing Scotland Homecoming Touring Exhibition in 2009.